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The St. Louis newspaper website has launched a new logo. I was never a fan of the old one, so this new one is an improvement in my mind. I would have used a different font though – similar but with less definition in the bottom of the “d” and “a” and the top of […]

Did you notice it?

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New logo alert – I noticed on a Jack in the Box commercial last night that it ended with a new logo. Of course I said to myself, is that a new logo or just something special for the commercial? Low and behold, the fast food chain has reinvented itself and has plans to revamp […]

New logos in 2008

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I thought it might be fun to wrap up the year with a look at some new logos that hit the public eye this year. What do you think? Walmart It took me a few weeks to get used to the new look, but I give it a thumbs up. It gives Walmart into a […]

New Logos: Econo Lodge and Super 8

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On a recent drive to Rolla, I noticed 2 new hotel logos on billboards…following in the footsteps of such previous hotel logo redesigns as LaQuinta and Comfort Inn, Red Roof Inn and Four Points Sheraton that I’ve previously blogged about. The interesting thing in the case of hotel logo redesigns is that past experience is […]

New Logo: La Quinta Inn

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I just noticed the other night that La Quinta Inn has updated their logo. I think it’s an improvement, which isn’t always the case with the recent hotel logo redesigns (see post from last July).

The evolution of an AOL logo…

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AOL recently changed their logo…again. The company has only existed for 15 (or so) years and already has had 3 different logo designs. I guess they have to constantly reinvent themselves.

A major change….Payless ShoeSource

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Payless Shoe Source recently changed their logo…I saw it in person for the first time at Chesterfield Mall on Saturday. It’s quite a change. They updated from a circa 1980s logo design to a web 2.0 styled logo. I think it is interesting that they chose to go with a symbol next to their brand […]

New hotel logos…Comfort Inn, Red Roof Inn and Four Points Sheraton

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For some reason, the hotel industry has been changing their logos recently. Here are 3 new ones placed next to the old ones with some comments. Comfort Inn: Here is the new Comfort Inn logo. I like the new color scheme (blue vs the black background), and I also like the increased size of the […]


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Hardee’s has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I especially love their morning cinnamon rolls, and their hot ham and cheese sandwich. We always stopped at Hardees to get cinnamon on our way to Chicago and Peoria to visit my grandparents as a child. My sister works at […]


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Petsmart changed their logo recently. (The new logo is on the top, the old logo is on the bottom) I just noticed the new logo last night when I got their latest ad out of the mailbox. I don’t like the new logo. I think the old logo was neat because the ball was bouncing […]