How NOT to negotiate a domain purchase

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I received the email below today in regard to my domain

Dang. I wish you guys wouldn’t have used this name as your web site name. I started a small animal rescue (mainly featuring chins) and am looking to buy an actual web site, and the name of our rescue is chinchilla love, and it’s just very dissapointing to see that someone used this domain name to feature pictures and pointless information. It seems like a waste of space, time, and money. I’d like to buy it from you if you’d allow it…

Genius! Insult the website owner and then ask to purchase the domain. Maybe you should have looked into the domains that were available before naming your rescue. Or maybe you should learn some negotiation and etiquette skills. Either way my domain isn’t for sale (at least not to you).

And for those who don’t know, we chose this domain name for a website which featured details about our wedding for all our out of town guests. Initially we tried to get a domain with our names in it, but of course those were already taken, so since we both love our pet chinchillas, we decided on

PS – I also now own and

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